Colts Neck – State Route 34 and County Route 537 Intersection Improvements & Bridge Replacements

Monmouth County, in cooperation with the New Jersey Department of Transportation, is advancing construction of the intersection improvements and two bridge replacements. The intersection of State Route 34 and County Route 537 services regional and local traffic and is a major access route to State Route 18 which is located south of the intersection. Motorists travelling through this intersection experience delays, especially along CR 537 approaches during peak periods. This project is being undertaken in response to the operational concerns at the intersection and the poor conditions of State Bridge No. 1308-152 and County Bridge No. 1300-A18 which carry SR 34 and CR 537 over the Mine Brook respectively.

The intent of this project is to improve the intersection of State Route 34 (SR 34) and County Road 537 (CR 537) as well as to reconstruct Bridge 1308-152 on SR 34 and Bridge 1300-A18 on CR 537. The work to be performed under this Contract consists of widening SR 34 to accommodate an exclusive left turn lane, two through lanes, an exclusive right turning lane and two receiving lanes along both approaches to the intersection with CR 537. In addition, CR 537 will be widened to accommodate an exclusive left turn lane, a through lane, a shared through/right lane and two receiving lanes along both approaches to the intersection.

The improvements include but are not limited to:

  • Replacement of Structure No. 1308-152 with a precast rigid frame concrete culvert.
  • Replacement of Structure No. 1300-A18 with a precast rigid frame concrete culvert.
  • Concrete sidewalks on both sides of Structure No. 1308-152 and one side of Structure No. 1300-A18
  • Bio-retention basins
  • Landscaping treatments of NJDEP mitigation area to be installed during the first planting season of the project
  • Demolition and reconstruction of concrete retaining wall
  • Installation of new retaining walls
  • Improvement of roadway cross slopes
  • Approach roadway curb, ADA compliant curb ramps and sidewalk, driveway aprons and bicycle compatible lanes
  • Roadway drainage improvements
  • Relocation of the existing utility poles and relocation and overhead utility lines (by utility companies)
  • Relocation of underground gas lines and telephone lines (by utility company)
  • Relocation of utility service connections
  • Installation of 1 new traffic signal to replace the existing NJDOT traffic signal.
  • New signing and striping

The proposed improvements will be constructed in two (2) stages and will maintain the existing lane configuration and operation at the intersection. The proposed improvements are expected to be completed in Fall/Winter 2019.

Project Overview (PDF)
June 15, 2016 Public Information Center Meeting Notice (PDF)
Public Comments & Suggestions Form (PDF)
Project Information Sheet (PDF)

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