Lost Belongings at the Reclamation Center 

In the event there are lost belongings in the trash, it is advised to call the garbage company that picks up your trash. Give them your address and ask if the truck has been to the landfill yet. Be sure to ask for the License Plate Number (not just the truck number) of the truck. If the truck has not been in, ask what time the truck is due at the landfill. It is imperative to show up along with (or before) the truck, which contains your item. If at all possible, call the landfill prior to coming out 732-683-8686 ext. 5141, 5600 or 5601 to make arrangements. If coming to the landfill, bring old clothes, steel toe boots, safety glasses and gloves if possible.

Unsure of company? Many towns pick up their waste. Call your town's department of public works to find out which company picks up your waste. An alphabetical list of the five biggest commercial haulers at Monmouth County Reclamation Center are as follows [no guarantee that one of these may be your hauler]:

  • DeLisa Waste Services (generally - white trucks) 732-988-2525
  • Freehold Cartage (generally - red trucks) 732-462-1001
  • Republic Services (generally - blue trucks) 732-542-2348
  • Roselle (generally - white trucks) 973-675-5451
  • Waste Management (generally - green trucks) 732-341-8261

If the truck has already been to the landfill and has dumped the load, no more can be done.  We commingle the daily trash from an average of 300 trucks per day. Once the truck has dumped the load, the trash is immediately compacted and the covering process begins. 

Click here for directions to the landfill.

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