Waste Categories



Total Per/Ton

Municipal and Household Waste (#10) $74.50 $11.10 $85.60
Commercial and Institutional Waste (#10) $74.50 $11.10 $85.60
Vegetative Waste (No leaves or grass) (#23) $74.50 $11.10 $85.60
Bulky and Cleanup Waste (#13) $107.50 $11.10 $118.60
Construction and Demolition Waste (#13C) (#13) $107.50 $11.10 $118.60
Animal or Industrial Waste (#25) $99.00 $11.10 $110.10
Contaminated Soil (#27) $107.50 $11.10 $118.60
Asbestos (bagged & labeled) (#27) $163.00 $11.10 $174.10
Tires and Cables (#13) $242.00 $11.10 $253.10

Cash payments: Cash payments are accepted, only from Monmouth County residents dumping personal waste from their primary residence.

We only accept cash or personal checks. You must provide a valid Drivers License, current registration to your personal vehicle, and (trailer if applicable) when pulling onto the Scales.

All others must establish a pre-paid account with the Finance Department in the Reclamation Center Scales Office 732-683-8686 Ext 5600 or 5601, or click on the link below to download a copy of the pre-paid account application. There is a return check charge of $25.00 (paid in cash) for all bounced checks. All companies that have multiple returned checks will only be able to fund their account with cash, or a Bank Cashiers check. Any delinquent accounts will not be allowed to dump until the account has sufficient funds in it.

Grass is accepted for disposal, separate from all other wastes. $3 per car or $36.50 per ton for trucks. Station Wagons, Minivans and SUV-type vehicles qualify for the car rate when grass is behind the rear-most seat only!

The landfill utilizes "Vehicle Scales", which record weights in 20-pound increments. The vehicle with the trash is weighed in. Next the resident dumps the waste at a specified area and then the vehicle returns to the Scale Complex, where the vehicle is weighed out.  Payment is based on a calculation of the difference between the two weights.  With the exception of the $3 flat rate for Grass (see above), All rates are "pro-rated", meaning that payment is based on the amount of weight disposed. There is no minimum or maximum. 
It will cost $1.15 for each 20-pound increment of Bulky and Construction-type wastes.  As an example, if a resident were to dump 100 pounds of Waste Type 13 or 13C (i.e. old furniture, wood, sheetrock, tile, old light fixtures, cabinets, etc.); the cost would be $5.76 for every 100-pounds dumped. 
Household Waste Type 10 (regular bagged food-stuff wastes, which would normally go out to the curb for weekly pickup) is $0.82 for each 20-pound increment, $4.11 for every 100 pounds.
Asbestos Waste Type 27A is $1.76 for each 20-pound increment, $3.80 for every 100 pounds. There is a $.50 handling charge per bag for asbestos.


(These taxes are not NJ Sales Tax)
State Taxes (Total of $10.00 per ton total)

View the 2018 Rate Chart - Taxes are paid per ton on every ton of waste that comes into the reclamation center.

Dumping Permits: are not required for vehicles with a registered gross weight of 9,000 Lbs. or less & dumping personal waste. The weight limitation for "vehicle & trailer" combinations, hauling personal waste is 16,000 lbs. All others, including vehicles registered for less than 9,000 pounds, but hauling others' waste, must... Click here for NJDEP License Permit information.

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