Medical Needs Sheltering

For information relating to Special Needs shelters, please visit the Monmouth County Office of Emergency Management website.

Local Information Network and Communications System LINCS

LINCS is an extension of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) initiative know as the Health Alert Network (HAN). The Monmouth County Health Department is part of the statewide system and routinely transmits its health alerts and emergency information electronically to community stakeholders. The department is one of 22 designated LINCS agencies responsible for distributing county wide Emergency Preparedness materials and public health information.

Infectious Disease Control & Surveillance

Surveillance is the ongoing assessment of the health of a community through the timely collection, interpretation and use of health-related data on communicable diseases, investigates outbreaks and institutes control measures to prevent spread to the community.

Hazardous Materials Response Team (Haz-Mat)

The Monmouth County Haz-Mat Team responds to and remediates hazardous materials incidents 24 hours a day. Each team member is extensively trained in Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).

Volunteer Medical Reserve Corp (MRC)

The MRC program began as a national, community-based movement in July 2002. The Monmouth County Health Department currently has a volunteer pool of citizens, both medical and non-medical, available to enhance the Health Department's response to a public health event.
To become a member of the Medical Reserve Corp, click here

Health Education

Public health and safety are our highest priorities and we encourage every household in Monmouth County to prepare for emergencies. Your personal action plan is your investment in family security. Our Health Education Ambassadors are available to help you create an efficient and effective action plan. Interested groups can contact the MCHD at 732-431-7456 to arrange for a speaker.


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