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2023 MCIA Audit

2022 MCIA Audit

The Monmouth County Board of County Commissioners created the Monmouth County Improvement Authority in 1986 as a conduit to cost-saving alternatives to the traditional methods of public capital finance for municipalities, boards of education, local and regional utility authorities and other local and county government entities.

The Commissioners' goal was to create an organization that would assist the various government and educational entities in implementing their decisions in a streamlined and cost-efficient manner.

August of 2022 marked the 34th Anniversary of the Monmouth County Improvement Authority, an agency whose singular focus is on finding alternatives to traditional methods of public finance.

The Improvement Authority has been an integral part of maintaining the high quality of life Monmouth County residents have enjoyed and the capital projects it has financed will continue to serve generations to come. The MCIA has surpassed the $1 billion mark in financing the capital needs of municipalities, county government entities and school districts as well as local and regional utility authorities.

We are here to help.

William C. Barham

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