Monmouth County Fair Housing Office

The County’s Fair Housing office promotes fair housing education and outreach programs to eliminate housing discrimination practices, also referring any reported unfair practice grievances to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Staff comprehensively analyzes the demographic makeup of County’s various municipalities and planning regions in order to prepare the County’s HUD-mandated Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice, which identifies barriers to fair housing opportunities and offers recommendations for mitigating those impediments.

The Fair Housing Office also holds an annual student poster competition creating awareness about fair housing. Winning submissions are featured in the County’s Annual Fair Housing Calendar.

April is Fair Housing Month.

Committee: Fair Housing Board

To view the Monmouth County Fair Housing Board FY2024 Meeting Schedule click here 

For more information, please contact: Tracy Winrow, Fair Housing Officer

Phone: 732-431-7460   Fax: 732-308-2995

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