Environmental and Sustainability Planning

The Environmental and Sustainability Planning section focuses on contemporary environmental issues including emerging green energy and technology trends, investigating sustainable best management practices, and the protection and conservation of the County’s natural systems. This section is responsible for the review and management of stormwater and wastewater plans through the Areawide Water Quality Management Program and preservation of the local agricultural industry through the Monmouth County Farmland Preservation Program.

The Environmental and Sustainability Planning section prepares planning studies that address the impact of human activity on natural systems; investigates and researches best management practices for environmental sustainability; and conducts environmental resources inventories, special reports and studies. This section provides technical support and assistance to other county departments, regional partnerships, and outside agencies; and supports public outreach and education campaigns that promote environmental awareness and stewardship.

The Environmental & Sustainability Planning section, in coordination with the Monmouth County Environmental Council, produces a regular newsletter to provide County citizens with information affecting local environment, as well as environmental outreach events in our communities. 

To view the current newsletter, click here.

Also housed within this section is the NJDEP AmeriCorps Ambassador, who assesses the quality of the local streams; provides environmental education and outreach to schools and community groups; supports local watershed partnerships; and assists with the distribution of state and county educational materials, reports and studies to a wider audience.



    Additional Information:
    Harriet Honigfeld, PP, AICP,CPM, Principal Planner
    Sean Pizzio, Senior Planner
    Amber Mallm, Environmental Specialist 2
    Bridget Neary, CFM, Senior Planner
    Samantha LaRocca, AmeriCorps Ambassador
    Phone: 732-431-7460    Fax: 732-409-7540

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