40A:2-40. Annual debt statement

The chief financial officer of each local unit shall, before the end of the first month of each fiscal year, make and file in the office of the clerk and of the director an annual debt statement, under oath, as of the last day of the preceding fiscal year, and such statement shall be a public record open to inspection.

40A:2-41. Contents of annual debt statement

The annual debt statement shall be in the form prescribed by the director and shall set forth as to the local unit:

  • a. Gross debt;
  • b. Deductions;
  • c. Net debt;
  • d. The equalized valuations of the taxable real estate, together with improvements, for the last 3 preceding fiscal years, and the average thereof;
  • e. Net debt expressed as a percentage of such average of equalized valuations; and
  • f. Any other information or detail required by law or by the director. The amount of any item which is indefinite or unascertainable may be estimated.

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