The Division of Consumer Affairs isn't just for consumers! We're also here to help businesses. By ensuring your business is compliant with state regulations, you can avoid problems, complaints and fines.

Certain businesses are state regulated, and registration is required. To check your industry requirements and register online with the state, follow this link:

The Regulated Business Section registers home improvement contractors, public movers and warehousemen, and telemarketers. This unit also licenses athletic/booking agencies, career consulting or counseling services, headhunters, temporary health care agencies, nursing registries and home health care agencies, prepaid computer job-matching services, modeling and talent agencies, ticket resellers and health spas.

You may pick up your registration packet here at the Monmouth County Division of Consumer Affairs, or register online at:

Home Improvement Contractors - Any projects over $500 require a written contract.                           

Contracts must include, but are not limited to:

  • Legal name of business and physical address, registration number of the contractor, and the legal name and business address of any sales representative who negotiated the contract.
  • Copy of certificate of general liability insurance for a minimum of $500,000 per occurrence and the telephone number of the insurance company issuing the certificate.
  • Description of work to be performed and principal products and materials to be used or installed.
  • Statement of any guarantee or warrantee with respect to any product, material, labor or service made by the contractor.
  • Description of any mortgage or security interest to be taken in connection with the financing or sale of the home improvement.
  • Total price (including finance charges)
  • Signatures of all parties involved.
  • Start and completion dates or time frames.

Contracts will protect you as much as the consumer. By clearly stating what is expected and included in a job, you will avoid complaints.

The NJ Division of Consumer Affairs toll-free number is 1-800-242-5846

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