Welcome to the Division of Consumer Affairs

The mission of the Monmouth County Division of Consumer Affairs is to protect and serve the public through educational programs and outreach in an effort to prevent consumer fraud and illicit business practices.

Our team of certified investigators responds to consumer complaints and enforces the Consumer Fraud Act. Investigators will facilitate mediation between consumers and businesses when possible. If warranted, cases may be turned over to Special Council for subpoena, fines or prosecution.

Educational Programs & Seminars

The DCA can provide educational programs in an effort to combat fraud and prevent problems before they occur. If you would like to arrange for one of our speakers to provide a free program to your group, simply contact us at 732-431-7902 or via email to Investigator Anita Velardo at anita.velardo@visitmonmouth.com

The Department of Consumer Affairs exists under the authority of the Monmouth County Board of County Commissioners. Commissioner Erik Anderson is liaison to the department. Since its inception in 1977, the Division has handled tens of thousands of complaints, and mediated millions of dollars in restitution back to Monmouth County residents.


File your complaint online

Download the Complaint Form (PDF) and mail or fax to our office

If you would prefer to go through the State of New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs,

their toll-free number is: 800-424-5846

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