NJ TRANSIT and Academy Bus operate local and commuter bus routes in Monmouth County with North and South routes focused along Routes 9, 35, 36, and The Garden State Parkway and East/West routes along Routes 33, and 537.

To sign up or check for alerts and advisories along these services visit NJTRANSIT.com, or Academybus.com.

How to Board the Bus

Passengers should wait for the bus at official stops marked by signs along the route. Courtesy stops may be made where the driver determines it is safe to pick up or discharge passengers. In these instances, passengers should select a highly visible location, preferably near an intersection, to wait for the bus. Signal the bus by waving a hand high in the air as soon as the vehicle comes into view. Check the bus's destination sign before boarding the bus. It is OK to ask the driver if the bus stops at a certain location. Have your ticket or payment ready before boarding the bus to prevent delaying the bus's departure.

Fare Information

Fares on both Academy and NJ TRANSIT buses are based on a zone system. This means that the fare increases when crossing the zone boundaries. Fares and zones are published in bus schedules, and are available at Academybus.com or NJTRANSIT.com, on the NJ TRANSIT mobile app, or by calling (973)275-5555.

Bus Ticket Options

The majority of NJ TRANSIT routes are Exact Fare Lines whose drivers can only accept tickets or exact fares while many others are Ticket Required lines that only accept tickets however; NJ TRANSIT does provides Full Service Lines whose drivers can make change for bills up to $20 and Academy Bus drivers can make change when necessary. Tickets are available from ticket vending machines, or any commissioned ticketing agents.

Monthly Bus Passes and Ten Trip Tickets offer NJ TRANSIT riders a significant discount and convenience over one-way ticket, including free transfers on connecting local NJ TRANSIT buses and trains for travel up to the number of zones indicated on the pass. Ten Trip tickets offer occasional riders convenience and savings where up to ten trips will be made within 20 days of purchase on selected routes. 

One-Way Ticket
Valid on Single Trip
Occasional Riders
10 Trip Tickets
Valid for ten one-way trips, tickets do not expire
10 to 14%
Riders commuting 2-3 days a week
Monthly Pass
Valid for unlimited trips during calendar month designated on the ticket. Monthly bus passes offer free transfers to connecting NJ TRANSIT local buses for up to the same number of zones traveled
Up to 30%
Daily riders
Student Monthly Ticket
Ticket valid only when schools are in session. Student must present an NJ TRANSIT Student ID Car to purchase
Students grade 12 and under
College Student Monthly Ticket
Tickets valid only when schools are in session. School must be a participant in NJ TRANSIT's University Partnership Program
25% off regular monthly pass fares only
Students attending a participating college or university
Senior Citizens, Disabled Citizens, and Military Personnel and their Dependents
NJ TRANSIT Reduced Fare ID, Medicare Card, or Military ID Card required. Reduced fare coupon books for Academy Bus are available also
50% or more on one-way tickets only
Seniors 62 and over, passengers with disabilities, and military personnel and their dependents

On weekdays up to three children four years and younger may ride free while children five to eleven ride at a reduced fair when accompanied by a full fare paying adult.

On Weekends and Holidays NJ TRANSIT offers the Family Super Saver which allows up to 2 children age five to eleven to ride free when accompanied by a full fare paying adult.

Senior Citizens (62 and older), people with disabilities and Military Personnel and their dependents are eligible for half price one-way tickets.

Tickets are available from Commissioned Ticket Agents listed below:

Telephone No.
Ticket/Pass Type
Freehold 7-eleven
50 Schank Road
Monthly, One-Way, 10 Trip, Senior Citizens and Passengers with Disabilities
Penny Pantry
Route 9 & Pong Road
Monthly, One-Way, 10 Trip, Senior Citizen and Passengers Disabilities
Raceway Service Station
5200 Route 9 South
Monthly, One-Way, 10 Trip, Senior Citizen and Passengers with Disabilities
Freehold Borough
Freehold Center
West Main Street and Throckmorton Street
Monthly, One-Way, 10 Trip, Senior Citizen and Passengers with Disabilities
Colonial Coffee Shop
4023 US Route 9 North
Monthly, One-Way, 10 Trip, Senior Citizen and Passengers with Disabilities
Gordon's Corner Bus Tickets
356 US 9 North
Monthly, One-Way, 10 Trip, Senior Citizen and Passengers with Disabilities
Gulf Express
46 Ryan Road at US Route 9 North
One-Way, 10 Trip, Senior Citizen and Passengers with Disabilities
Vanity Florist
4022 Route 9 South at Texas Road
Monthly, One-Way, 10 Trip, Senior Citizen and Passengers with Disabilities
Beckman's Stationary
706 10th Avenue
PNC Bank Arts Center
Ticket Booth at Park and Ride
Lincroft Park and Ride
Half Mile Road at East Newman Springs Road
Keansburg Pharmacy
199 Main Street


Transfers can be purchased from any bus operator for travel within New Jersey and are valid for two hours. Transfers are valid for a ride using a second bus or light rail service for a one-zone ride. For travel beyond one zone on the second bus, there will be an additional charge.

A limited number of connecting bus routes and Newark Light Rail offer continuing trip ticket privileges, which permit a customer to pay the entire one-way fare for a two-vehicle ride when boarding the first bus/light rail vehicle.

Bicycles on Buses

Bicycles are permitted on NJ TRANSIT local (800 series) buses equipped with front mounted bike racks on a first come first served basis. Make sure all loose items are removed from the bicycle, and let the driver know when you are loading and unloading your bike. For more information visit NJ TRANSIT.com

Additional information on NJ TRANSIT bus schedules and fares, rider tips, park and rides, as well as estimated arrival times and a real time bus locator are available at NJTRANSIT.com, and through their mobile application. Academy Bus information is available at academybus.com.

Trip planning assistance is available free of charge from EZ-Ride at (201)939-4242. For more information, please review the NJ Transit Bus Rider Guide.


The NJ Transit phone application allows users to check schedules, plan routes, and even buy and display tickets for both bus and rail trips. Advisory alerts for things such as delays, or service changes are provided regularly to help travelers plan their quickest and most reliable trip. It is available for free on Android and Apple Devices.


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