Commissioner Ross F. Licitra
Commissioner Ross F. Licitra
Telephone: 732-683-8559
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Ross Licitra is serving his first, three-year term, which expires on 12/31/23, on the Monmouth County Board of County Commissioners. Commissioner Licitra oversees the County’s Park System, Superintendent of Schools, Office of Emergency Management, Clerk of the Board, Construction Board of Appeals, the County Library System and Purchasing.

Ross Licitra is the Executive Director & former Chief of Humane Law Enforcement for the Monmouth County SPCA. With Ross’ dedication and expertise, Ross has aided this financially troubled organization to overcome losing millions of dollars and is now operating in the black. Ross has gained notoriety with state legislators by having them propose his model from the Monmouth County SPCA and implementing it at the state level.

Ross is a Lifelong resident of Monmouth County. He is a first responder himself and knows firsthand the best support and equipment needed to keep our communities safe. As a Law Enforcement officer for thirty plus years, Ross has successfully prosecuted hundreds of violent criminals who have threatened the peace and prosperity of Monmouth County and New Jersey. He is committed to public service through Law Enforcement, Animal Welfare and volunteerism in Civic Organizations.

Ross is a strong advocate for the preservation of open space and farmland. Thereby, decreasing over population, increasing property values, and providing a natural habitat for wildlife. For the past twenty years, Ross has owned and operated his own animal rescue farm. He strongly believes that providing open space through our parks offers a natural and healthy lifestyle for the public to enjoy.

Ross previously served as a volunteer board member for the Monmouth County Board of Health and is currently serves as the vice president to the Animal Welfare Federation of New Jersey. Ross believes in a commonsense approach to leadership. He will work hand and hand with local business owners to ensure that county officials work harmoniously with businesses to create and maintain a strong economy. Ross resides with his wife Heather and their son and daughter in Marlboro Township, NJ.

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