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The Development Review Section reviews the development applications that are submitted to the Monmouth County Planning Board and serves in an advisory capacity to the Monmouth County Development Review Committee which is empowered to take action on behalf of the Planning Board regarding approval of subdivisions and site plans affecting county roads and drainage facilities or properties owned or maintained by the County.

Applications and Fee Schedules:

  • Fee Schedule  (Amended 06-11-18)
  • Development Review Checklist
  • Monmouth County Stormwater Report and Bridge Map Requirements  
    • A storm drainage analysis/stormwater management analysis, signed and sealed by a New Jersey licensed professional engineer, shall be submitted for applications seeking approval for the following: one (1) acre or more of impervious surfaces; a storm drainage connection to a county drainage system or county drainage structure; or, development located along a county road, including parking areas, that would create five thousand (5,000) square feet or more of impervious surface that would drain toward a county road or a county drainage structure or facility. All storm drainage analyses/stormwater management analyses shall include an analysis of the 25-year storm along with full-sized drainage area maps drawn to scale and full-sized program output.
    • If the application proposes one (1) acre or more of impervious surface, provide a Drainage Area Map to the nearest downstream County Bridge, as required in Sections 3.2 and 4.2 of the Monmouth County Development Regulations.  A copy of the county’s bridge structures may be found here: (link to attached Bridge Map PDF)
    • An application that requires the submittal of drainage analysis/stormwater management plan and/or a drainage area map to the nearest downstream county bridge shall not be deemed complete until these items have been received.

Sample Performance Guarantees:

Sample Deeds:

Additional Information: 

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