Division of Planning Administration

The Administration section of the Division of Planning consists of the Director of Planning, Assistant Director of Planning, Administrative Secretary and administrative support staff. The Director and Assistant Director are responsible for managing staff; establishing office policy, and coordinating activities with other departments. They address new planning projects and programs, prepare regional reports and studies and set goals for regional planning initiatives.

The Director and Assistant Director serve as Executive Staff to the Monmouth County Planning Board. The Administrative Secretary also serves as Secretary to the Planning Board.

Joe Barris, PP, AICP, CFM, Director of Planning
David Schmetterer, PP, AICP, Assistant Director of Planning   
JoAnn Denton, RMC, Secretary to the Planning Board, and Construction Board of Appeals 
Nailah Pile, Account Clerk


Phone: 732-431-7460     Fax: 732-409-7540

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