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What is a Monmouth County Environmental Council Roundtable?

Since 1992, the Monmouth County Environmental Council has hosted Roundtable events designed to help the public understand a certain environmental issue or topic. At these educational forums, guests hear presentations from a handful of expert speakers and may pose questions in a Q&A session. Past roundtables have covered topics ranging from what is a watershed to hydroponic growing, supporting pollinators and how to protect your family from ticks and mosquitoes.

“Nature Friends and Foes: Native Plants and Invasive Plants & Critters” October 27, 2020 and October 29, 2020.

In October 2020 The Environmental Council held a two-part webinar series focused on Nature's Friends and Foes: Native Plants and Invasive Plants and Critters

Session 1 View the recording and slides

Learn how you can be a steward of the environment right from your own Jersey Friendly Yard by planting native plants and using water and soil wisely. Then learn how to be vigilant against invasive insects like the Spotted Lanternfly.

Session 2 View the recording and slides

Find out which invasive pests like plants, insects and animals are really bugging the County Park System. We'll also learn about aquatic invasive plants, like hydrilla. This aggressive invasive plant is found throughout the State and even the Manasquan Reservoir. Learn how it’s being managed and out we can play a part in preventing the spread.

"The Problem with Plastics" October 29, 2019

The evening kicked-off with a tabling session for local municipalities and organizations to display their efforts to reduce plastic consumption and pollution. Meredith DeMarco, Chief Operating Officer of NY/NJ Baykeeper, presented NY/NJ Baykeeper’s research on microplastics and efforts to reduce plastic pollution. Jaye Sims, Assistant District Recycling Coordinator of Monmouth County, provided background information on recycling and outlined what residents should recycle. Amber Mallm, Environmental Specialist of the Monmouth County Division of Planning, recapped what can and cannot be recycled in the County with an interactive presentation. To view the presentation,click here.


Amber Mallm- Monmouth County Division of Planning, Environmental Specialist 2

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