40A:5-12. Annual financial statement and reports of local unit

The Chief financial officer of each local unit shall file annually with the director a verified statement of the financial condition of the local unit as of the close of the fiscal year. Such statement shall be filed, upon forms furnished and prescribed by the director, not later than January 26 in the case of a county and not later than February 10 in the case of a municipality after the close of the calendar fiscal year, or not later than August 10 of the State fiscal year in those municipalities which operate on the State fiscal year pursuant to section 2 or 3 of P.L.1991, c. 75 (C. 40A:4-3.1 or C. 40A:4-3.2).

If the official charged with the responsibility of filing shall fail to file such statement within 10 days after the time fixed for filing the same, he shall be subject to a penalty of $5.00 for each day of neglect to file the same, to be recovered in a summary proceeding against such official instituted and prosecuted under the penalty enforcement law (N.J.S. 2A:58-1 et seq.).


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