40A:5-4. Annual audit required

The governing body of every local unit shall cause an annual audit of its books, accounts and financial transactions to be made and completed within six months after the close of its fiscal year. The governing body of every local unit may by resolution petition the Director of the Division of Local government Services in the Department of Community Affairs for an extension to complete and file the annual audit with the division. Upon good cause being shown the director may grant an extension upon whatever terms or conditions he may deem reasonable. The determination of the director in the granting of an extension is final.

The governing body of every local unit shall employ a registered municipal accountant of New Jersey to prepare its annual audit or it shall enter into an agreement with the Director of the Division of Local Government Services for an annual audit to be made by qualified employees of the division. The director shall establish a fee based upon the time spent and other expenses incurred by qualified employees of the division when conducting the annual audit for a local unit. The local unit shall upon request for payment for audit services, forward a check to the director, payable to the State Treasurer.

40A:5-5. Scope of audit

Each audit shall embrace the books, accounts and transactions of the local unit and every board, body, officer or commission supported and maintained wholly or in part by funds appropriated by the local unit, unless otherwise provided by statute or regulations of the board. Each audit shall cover a complete fiscal year and, in addition, shall include a verification of all cash and bank balances as of the date of the audit thereof and an audit of the accounts to such date.

40A:5-6. Report of audit

Every such registered municipal accountant shall file the original report of his audit and recommendations with the clerk and shall, within 5 days thereafter, file a certified duplicate copy thereof, over his signature, in the office of the director.

40A:5-7. Publication of report and recommendations

A synopsis of all audits, together with the recommendations made by the registered municipal accountant, shall be prepared and published by the clerk of the local unit at least once in the official newspaper of the local unit, if there be one, or if there be none, in a newspaper published in the local unit. If there is no newspaper published within the local unit, it shall be published in a newspaper having a general circulation in the local unit.

If the clerk fails to have such publication made within 30 days after receipt of the report of audit and recommendations, he shall be subject to a fine of $10.00 payable to the local unit for each day after the expiration of the 30 days that such publication fails to appear.

40A:5-8. Audit by director

If any local unit does not carry out the provisions of this chapter by reason of the failure of the governing body thereof to institute and complete such audit within the time provided herein, the director may, by his employees and agents or by auditors employed for that purpose, conduct an audit of the books of such local unit and such audit shall be taken to be the statutory audit of the local unit and shall be paid for by the local unit on bill rendered therefore.

For the services of the said director, or his employees or agents, or the pay of the auditors employed by him, whether permanent employees of the division or not, there shall be paid to him by the local unit for deposit in the State treasury, a per diem allowance not to exceed $75.00 for each person for work done in connection with the audit or examination of the accounts. Said amount, if not paid when billed, shall be recoverable in an action at law.

40A:5-9. Audit by registered municipal accountant

Every audit required under this chapter shall be completed by an accountant or auditor who holds an uncanceled license as a registered municipal accountant of New Jersey. Such license shall be issued annually by the New Jersey State Board of Public Accountants, shall be dated September 1 and run until August 31 of the following year, unless sooner canceled or revoked by the said State Board of Public Accountants.

Every report of audit shall be signed by the registered municipal accountant making the audit, or in charge thereof, who shall be the person authorized by the local unit to make the audit. In case any license shall be revoked, such revocation shall not be construed to affect any agreement which may be made by any local unit with any other registered municipal accountant, even though such accountant shall have been associated with the person whose license has been revoked.

40A:5-10. Revocation or cancellation of license

Upon proof that any registered municipal accountant shall have knowingly omitted to report any error, omission, irregularity, violation of law or discrepancy found in the books or accounts, or shall have issued false reports of the audit of any local unit, or of such a nature as not to comply with the requirements of the director, or if such registered municipal accountant shall fail to file such report and recommendations as herein directed, or neglect or refuse to carry out any agreement for audit, his registration license may be canceled by the State Board of Public Accountants. It shall be the duty of the director to notify the State Board of Public Accountants of any matters coming to his attention relative to any of the foregoing. Upon cancellation or refusal of a license, a person aggrieved thereby shall have the right to a review by the Superior Court in a proceeding in lieu of prerogative writ.

40A:5-11. Advertising for bids unnecessary

No local unit shall be required to advertise for bids for any of the work performed pursuant to 40A:5-4.

* Prior to 2005 this report was included in the overall County audit, not separate.

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