How to Report a Pothole

  • Residents can report a pothole on a County road by calling the Monmouth County Highway Division of the Department of Public Works and Engineering at 732-431-6550.
  • Potholes on Local roads should be reported to the appropriate local municipality.

Below are photos of a County Public Works crew completing a pothole repair from start to finish.

Pothole is marked out and worker is sawing out the marked out area
The pothole is marked out and workers begin to saw out the damaged area.


The debris is cleaned out
Workers clean out the old asphalt which will be recycled and used for future pothole repair.


New asphault is replaced in the area
New asphalt is shoveled into the area.


Specialized equipment seals the fill
A vibratory roller seals in the asphalt.


The repaired pothole is complete
The pothole repair is complete.


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