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Shared Services has created a centralized depository of documentation and information to service, facilitate and coordinate all County and Municipal departments and needs.

With the direct leadership and supervision of County Commissioner Director Thomas A. Arnone, shared services has spearheaded an effort to organize and facilitate existing projects as well as continue to grow and expand the shared services program. The County continues outreach to existing and potential partners in a focused effort to grow County-County, County to Municipal, Municipal to Municipal, County to Authority and other opportunities.

Through this centralizing and streamlining of the system, the County is equipped to better serve and facilitate shared services projects. The County serves as a “one stop shop” for any County Department or Monmouth County municipality that seeks to access cost savings through county provided resource programs or the ability to access a system in which they can identify a “match” and enter into a share services agreement with a neighbor(s) who is seeking the same savings in the same area of services.

In short, the viability of shared services has been proven through the significant reduction in expenditures required by local governments to deliver the required services to their constituencies. Shared Services works and can produce a positive reduction in costs to taxpayers and relieve budgetary stress while continuing and potentially expanding the routine delivery of services.

In addition, by participating in shared services through Monmouth County government, all municipalities save an enormous amount of time and additional taxpayer money on the legal, administrative, bidding and processing costs that cannot be readily measured.

You can read the latest information, agreements and presentations on the News & Updates page.

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For additional information, contact:

Monmouth County Office of Shared Services
Hall of Records Annex, First Floor
One East Main Street
Freehold, NJ  07728
Phone: 732-431-7460, ext. 2115
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