Monmouth County Fire Marshal's Office

The Monmouth County Fire Marshal's Office mission is to be the focal point for the Fire Service in Monmouth County. Functions include the operations of the Fire Marshal's Office and the Fire Academy. The Fire Marshals act in an advisory capacity to all fire departments within the County. The Office aids in the prevention of fire hazards and initiates programs for public awareness. It also provides municipal fire departments with assistance necessary to investigate, coordinate, control or extinguish any fire situation when requested.

Fire Academy

The Monmouth County Fire Academy is a customer-focused fire and emergency response facility providing superior fire protection and emergency services training. The mission of the Fire Academy is to develop an instructional delivery system through which a standardized firefighter training curriculum is developed and implemented to instruct the maximum number of volunteer and career firefighters as well as emergency service personnel.

The Fire Academy instructs firefighters to develop skills necessary to command and control emergency operations involving fire, rescue, hazardous materials and weapons of mass destruction incidents. These managerial and leadership skills are applied to all levels of fire officers. The Fire Academy imparts skills in fire department support functions including fire prevention, inspection and public education. The Fire Academy develops a keen focus in regard to the safety, survival and well-being of both firefighters and the public.

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