The water pollution control work program is divided into three areas: surface water, ground water, and potable water. In some cases environmental problems affect all three of the areas in an interrelated fashion. Other problems are found to be separated, depending on the uniqueness of the environmental, geological, and hydrological conditions found. For purposes of providing an organizational framework for program, the three areas are presented separately. It should be noted that portions of the solid waste and hazardous waste programs overlap the water work program.

In accordance with the "County Environmental Health Act," P.L. 1978, Chapter 443 of the State New Jersey, the Monmouth County Board of Health purposes work programs for the control water pollution in Monmouth County, New Jersey. The County Department of Health and local Certified Health Agencies will conduct a monitoring, surveillance, and enforcement program for water pollution control, pursuant to following legislation: Federal and State "Safe Drinking Water Acts"; "Water and Water Supply"; "Environmental Rights Act"; "Public Health Nuisance Code"; N.J. Spill Compensation and Control Act".

The Department of Health's water program is involved in all aspects of water quality in Monmouth County. The Water Pollution Control Team conducts joint investigations with other department environmental units and provides assistance to local health departments with water-related complaints.

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