Private Donations and Contributions

The Monmouth County Shade Tree Commission continues to reach out to its residents with high quality services. This includes the management of the Holmdel Arboretum which has been renamed for the founder of the Monmouth County Shade Tree Commission, David C. Shaw. Through the many years of natural growth and life spans of the tree material loosing their battle, it is time for replenishment of plant, tree and shrub material.

Due to the deer population the need for green material has become extreme. The deer have caused a serious amount of rub damaged as well as feeding on many of the hard to find and rare plant material that had been flourishing. Until recently, replacing these items was futile because we didn’t have a way of keeping the deer away from the arboretum.

This past fall a fence was installed around the David C. Shaw Arboretum for protection to the green material from deer and unwanted vandals. This fall was the first time we felt confident enough to accept a donation of a Franklinia alatamaha tree as an addition to the arboretum from a private citizen. This particular tree was to immortalize a dear friend who walked the arboretum grounds on a regular basis.

The contribution program works as follows;

  • A meeting is set forth to discuss the intent of the donation, how much the contributor is willing to give and where the proposed donation would be placed.
  • Another meeting is set with the arboretum staff to decide on the material needed for the arboretum in that particular location and time of year.
  • The contributor is then notified of the plant material or any alternatives in need and multiple places for the material to be placed.
  • Multiple suppliers will be solicited and the contributor is then notified from which suppliers it is available.
  • The contributor is then asked to remit payment directly to the supplier of their choice, from which the material is available.
  • Our division is then able to pick-up the material from the supplier and installs it, in its proper place.
  • A picture of the tree or shrub and a letter of gratitude are sent to the contributor from the commission and the tree or shrubs are placed in our data base registry noting the contributor and the reason for the contribution.

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