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Please be advised that the January 6, 2021 Stormwater Technical Advisory Committee meeting  is a web conference meeting.  Please click here for instructions to access the meeting. 


On October 15, the Monmouth County Division of Planning hosted a webinar titled “What Do the Stormwater Management Rules Mean for My Town?” 

Access the slides, or view the recording to hear Gabe Mahon, Bureau Chief of the NJDEP Bureau of Nonpoint Pollution Control provide an overview of the Stormwater Management Rules, amended March 2020.

The Stormwater Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) reviews Municipal Stormwater Management Plans and stormwater control ordinances in accordance with the Stormwater Management Rules, County Review Process (N.J.A.C. 7:8-4.4)

NJDEP amended the Stormwater Management Rules on March 2, 2020. As such, municipal stormwater control ordinances must be revised and effective by March 3, 2021.  Click here for guidance on completing revisions and the county review process. 



 Meeting Agenda January 6, 2021

Meeting of October 7, 2020 has been cancelled

Meeting of August 5, 2020 has been cancelled 

Meeting of July 1, 2020 has been cancelled 

Meeting of June 3, 2020 has been cancelled

Meeting Agenda May 6, 2020 

Meeting of April 1, 2020 has been cancelled 

Meeting of March 4, 2020 has been cancelled 

Meeting Agenda February 5, 2020 

Meeting of January 8, 2020 has been cancelled 


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