Mission Statement

Heavy machinery operated by the Monmouth County Division of Buildings & GroundsThe Division of Buildings and Grounds maintains a safe working environment for staff and clients as it provides an uninterrupted supply of utility services in supporting the County of Monmouth in reaching its goal of excellence in government and public service.


  • To be a Division where continuous and measurable improvements in services is the standard.
  • To be an innovative leader in government facility management.
  • To be an effective, diverse work community.
  • To be a learning organization, where all staff members are empowered and supported in reaching their full potential.
  • To be a workplace where the atmosphere of trust encourages creativity and innovation.

Guiding Principles

Our vision can only become reality through the efforts of all members of our Division. This requires that everyone identify processes that need to be improved and the milestones that must be achieved as we seek to meet the needs for those we serve. While keeping the vision before us, it will serve to remind us what we are to do. It is critical that we also give attention to how we will reach our goals. We will be guided by these principles:


We exist to serve the needs of Monmouth County departments, personnel, clients and the visitors to our facilities.


How we complete our work and how we relate to each other are of paramount importance. Our conduct must conform to the highest, uncompromising standards of trustworthiness and character. We will never knowingly make decisions that are not in the best interest of the County of Monmouth and its residents.

Respect for People

Respect for people and their intrinsic worth is the cornerstone of our relationship with one another, our visitors, and our clients. We appreciate the diversity of the human family and recognize our differences as sources of collective strength and wisdom.


We are a team. Team members are stakeholders in the success of the Division, and must be involved in the decisions that affect their work lives. “Empowerment”, with its freedoms, responsibilities and boundaries, describe the intended work culture. Empowerment requires competence, sharing of information and ongoing learning. We are dedicated to be the best workforce in County government. An employee seeking to improve service to a client will not be blamed for taking reasonable risks or for trying something new that does not quite work.


  • We are a learning organization.
  • We recognize the improvement of our work processes, our methods, and ourselves is essential to our success.
  • We must be creative.
  • We must challenge our own thinking.
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