County of Monmouth
Monmouth County Reclamation Center

Disposal Regulations for dry industrial waste

All ID# 27 must be properly classified by the NJDEP.  NJDEP classifies ID# 27 as dry industrial waste. The NJDEP provides a definition list of solid waste and its identifying number.

Sludge and liquid wastes are not acceptable at this facility. Asbestos is governed by a specific set of regulations.

The remained of those materials that are considered to be ID# 27 must be evaluated and classified by the NJDEP (609-292-8341). The classification process is usually based on an independent laboratory analysis. If the NJDEP determines the waste to be ID# 27, they will send written notification to the generator or hauler, which must in turn be brought with the load to the accepting facility. In order for ID# 27 to be accepted at the Monmouth County Reclamation Center, the generator and hauler must abide by the following guidelines:

  • A) As stated above, a copy of the NJDEP classification letter.
  • B) A copy of the lab analysis or other data that the NJDEP used to determine the ID# 27 classification. In addition to ID# 27, the following items also apply to "Grit & Screenings", which are sometimes not considered by the NJDEP to be ID# 27. MCRC classifies "Grit & Screenings" to be ID# 13X. "Grit & Screenings" is a special waste requiring similar treatment as ID# 27. Below, letters "C" through "I" apply to both ID# 27 and ID# 13X.
  • C) A letter from the generator stating that the material being brought to the facility conforms with the material that was sampled for the lab analysis or other data the NJDEP used to classify the waste.
  • D) A copy of the generator's letter must accompany each load.
  • E) The material must be delivered to the site in vehicles that currently registered with the NJDEP to haul Solid Waste. All documentation and numbering must be in place as per NJDEP & MCRC regulations.
  • F) A completed Waste Origin form must be given to the scale Weighmaster.
  • G) ID# 27 and ID# 13X waste must be on the scale no later that 2:30 pm on Weekdays.
  • H) All Non-Hazardous Dry Industrial Waste as well as Grit & Screenings must originate from within Monmouth County. Material generation from sources outside Monmouth County are considered to be unacceptable and will be rejected.
  • I) No loads of any material will be accepted if saturated to the extent that liquid separation, ponding, or dripping exists. All such loads will be rejected and denied access to the facility, until a time when liquid separation does not exist.
  • J) In accordance with provisions requested by the Monmouth County Solid Waste Enforcement Team, "Grit & Screening" must be treated for the following three items prior to acceptance at MCRC:
  • 1) Odor Control
  • 2) Pathogen Reduction
  • 3) Will not contain any free standing liquids [See "I" above].

Generator must provide hauler with a letter stating that the above three items have been met for all Grit & Screening (ID# 13X) loads.