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2024 Cross-Acceptance 

What is Cross-acceptance  

Cross-acceptance is a process of comparing statewide planning policies at government levels with the purpose of attaining a high level of consistency among municipal, county, regional, and State plans and the New Jersey State Plan (State Plan). Through this process, the various stakeholders are able to partner to create a more meaningful and viable State Plan. To accomplish this, municipal, county, and regional master plans must be coordinated regionally with each “local vision” of growth and the community taken into consideration during the process.

The Cross-acceptance Manual (link below)

The purpose of this Cross-Acceptance Manual (Manual) is to guide negotiating entities through the Cross-acceptance process resulting in a Cross-Acceptance Response Template (see A.2 in the appendix) The Manual discusses the overall process, the expected role of each negotiating entity, and provides specific instructions for the preparation of a Cross-Acceptance Response Template (CART) that provides documented public input on the State Plan through a negotiated statement of agreements and disagreements.

Monmouth County as the Negotiating Entity
On March 28, 2024, the Monmouth County Board of County Commissioners adopted Resolution 2024-0259 accepting the role as the negotiating entity for Cross-acceptance in Monmouth County. This means the County will work with various jurisdictions to seek consensus on State Plan policy and will negotiate with the Office of Planning Advocacy on map and policy matters.

Cross-Acceptance: Status
The Monmouth County Division of Planning sent correspondence to our municipal partners requesting them to organize municipal Cross-Acceptance Committees in anticipation of the release of The Preliminary State Plan (the Plan). No further action by towns other than forming these Committees needs to be taken until the Plan is released by the State Planning Commission (SPC).  The Division of Planning will organize towns into sub-regional municipal groupings and will begin setting up web-based meetings with each subregion once the Plan is released for review.  Preparations are presently underway at the County to create online processes that will allow for the collection of information through fillable forms, surveys, and interactive mapping programs.  Monmouth County is required to host a public information meeting no sooner than 45 days after and no more than 90 days after the Plan's release.  The countywide public information meetings will be conducted in Monmouth County by the Office of Planning Advocacy (OPA) under the authority of the SPC.

Cross Acceptance Resources
Link to: NJ State Plan Engagement Hub (Resource Page)
Link to: Cross Acceptance Manual (2023)
Link to: NJ State Plan Map Viewer
Link to: NJ Preliminary State Plan
Link to: Upcoming Events
Link to: CARTS (Cross Acceptance Response Templates)

Please submit any questions or comments you may have about Cross Acceptance or the State Plan Update to the program’s dedicated email: StatePlanUpdate@co.monmouth.nj.us



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